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Susi and the Llamas

Susi arrived in Montana from Germany in the 1990’s on a path to change her life. She traveled to Yellowstone National Park and decided to stay. In Montana she realized her dream to work with animals, explore her love for writing and immerse herself in wild nature. Susi exchanged her international business past for an exciting and soul-filling life in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Llamas soon entered the scene and never let go of her heart. She discovered that “llama magic” transforms people’s lives. Susi’s llama treks over the years have enriched hundreds of visitors’ experiences in Yellowstone and beyond. She has published articles in local publications and is active in llama rescue and local charities. Her search for and rescue of Lewis the llama who escaped his previous owner in Yellowstone added to a deeper understanding of his unique species and led to writing the book “Lewis the Yellowstone Llama”. Susi’s trekking company, Yellowstone Llamas, with a staff of presently 13 happy llamas, is located just an hour north of Yellowstone National Park.

By Susi Hülsmeyer-Sinay

Lewis the Yellowstone Llama

Based on a true story

Lewis is a special Llama. His captivating adventure story brings you a llama’s-eye-view of Yellowstone National Park. Based on true events and suitable for kids, youth and adults.

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