Llamas For Charity


llamaWarrior500Pictured: Domingo the llama with wounded warrior friend on a hike with “Operation Never Forgotten”

LLAMAS are natural therapy animals. People from their native habitat, the Andes Mountains, dub them as “silent brothers.” This is because they can recognize and emphasize with human emotions.  Llamas’ calm, reserved and accepting personalities can have great benefits for folks suffering from a variety of ailments and conditions, such as depression, dementia, autism, cancer, PTSD, or loneliness, just to name a few. Llamas don’t care about your gender, age or color, whether you speak or not, are blind, or lost a limb. They are charitable and non-judgmental while maintaining a polite distance. Some are shy, some open to be hugged. Just like people. Our llamas (see: Meet the Llamas) would be happy to walk with you or just meet and greet to brighten your day.

Yellowstone Llamas had the honor and pleasure to participate in an Operation Never Forgotten outdoor program (check out their retreat album on their website), taking warriors who courageously served our country, and their spouses on a full-day llama picnic day hike in Yellowstone National Park. We are happy to report that llamas and warriors became fast friends on that day. We look forward to hook up with that wonderful organization again soon. Another especially rewarding experience was our recent visit to a summer camp for small kids with cancer operated by Eagle Mount, a local charity organization. Eagle Mount serves individuals of all ages with disabilities, as well as people with cancer. A day hike in Yellowstone drew 15 young adults “in remission” onto the trails with the llamas. All enjoyed this hike immensely. We are presently planning another experience with Eagle Mount this year (2024).

Now YOU can be part of our effort to help the injured, sick and lonely to find joy and relief on a day with a llama. By joining our treks, YOU will be part of Llamas4Llove. You can also donate or sponsor a particular llama. Please calll 406-580-5954 or more information.

Llove 4 Llamas ~ Llamas 4 Llove

Charity Organizations & Schools:

We and our llamas are available for non-profit events, activities, therapy programs and meet-and-greet visits such as:

Summer Day Treks in Yellowstone National Park for folks with disabilities and young adults & kids with cancer
Summer Camp Visits
School Outings and Nature Walks in Park and Gallatin Counties
Community Charity Events in Park and Gallatin Counties
Senior Home Visits
Teen Programs, Dream Work Therapy
Wounded Warrior Project and similar outdoor programs in the Greater Yellowstone area

Contrary to popular belief, llamas DO NOT spit at people – unless they are abused.  At home, they may spit at each other on occasion if they disagree on a subject, such as “this is MY food.”

Please contact us if you are a non-profit organization planning an event or therapy program. Youth therapists: we would love to team up with you. Wounded Warriors: come on a llama hike with us again. Senior Homes: we are glad to visit and brighten your residents’ day.(During the Pandemic, we would be happy to visit outside, maybe do a walk-by parade.)


Llove 4 Llamas ~ Llamas 4 Llove

Contact us with your ideas and requests.  The llamas look forward to meeting you!