Llama Treks in Yellowstone National Park


There is no place like Yellowstone! This  wild, natural place provides us with over 1000 miles of trails, with many opportunities for wildlife viewing, photography, and enjoying the spectacular landscape of the park. Our privately guided llama picnic day hikes are about 5 hours in length and take place mostly in the quiet and wildlife-rich Northwest Corner of the park. These treks are suitable for adults and kids of any age. We will adjust the itinerary according to special requests.

WHY HIKE WITH A LLAMA?  Llamas are not only cute, friendly and charming, they are great hiking companions. They carry our picnics, chairs and tables and follow you at the slightest tug on their line. These dignified animals enjoy the treks as much as you do and discover wildlife often before their human friends. Llamas are easy to handle and are gentle and calm. Every participant leads a llama.

A perfect family & friends adventure!


We typically use Specimen Trail or Dailey Creek Trail in the northwest corner of the park. Trailheads are conveniently located off Highway 191 between Big Sky and West Yellowstone inside the park.

Our secondary area is Glen Creek Trail, just inside Yellowstone’s north entrance. This area is suitable for visitors staying in Gardiner or Mammoth.

Specimen Creek Trail

Specimen Creek Trail is suitable for families with smaller children or grandparents, easy trail, shady in the summer, runs alongside Specimen Creek. Picnic site at the creek with great views and opportunity to find petrified wood in the creek bed. Total mileage can be customized between 3 and 4.5 miles.

Dailey Creek

Intermediate; open, rolling country, some uphill climb to picnic site with awesome sweeping views. Trail follows part of Dailey Creek. Total mileage can be customized between 4 and 7 miles.

Glen Creek Trail

Glen Creek Trail is available through a first-come-first-served system. The trailhead is accessible via the Upper Loop Road just south of Golden Gate on the west side. This is an open trail with awesome views of sagebrush country and towering Electric Peak. Total mileage can be customized between 4 and 8 miles.

Trails are typically open from early /mid June to November.

 Yellowstone Llamas also offers customized overnight treks upon request for groups up to 4 participants. Please contact us with your request at 406-580-5954

Email us: treks@yellowstonellamas.com

*Yellowstone Llamas is an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service*