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Yellowstone Llamas offers single-day Picnic Hikes as well as multi-day Pack Trips with overnight camping in Yellowstone National Park. Below are some of our favorite treks in the northern parts of the park.

There are over 1000 miles of trails winding through Yellowstone National Park, with many opportunities for wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, photography, and enjoying the spectacular landscape and natural wonders of the park. We will be happy to discuss your specific interests, preferences and fitness levels to find the trek or hike that’s right for you.

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Northwest Corner: Dailey to Black Butte Creek Trail

We begin this three-day trip at the Dailey Creek Trailhead. Access to this trailhead is via MT highway 191. Day one consists of a moderate hike of about 4.5 miles through large meadows, rolling hills in the beginning and later through forested areas. We set up camp beside Black Butte Creek. We spend day two at the same camp as it gives us the opportunity to day hike to the summit of Bighorn Peak. The trail to the top of Big Horn Peak climbs to 9900 feet and offers outstanding views as well as the chance to see the herd of mountain goats that call this area home. On the final day, we will break camp after breakfast and hike back up and over a ridge to the Dailey Creek drainage. We will have a lunch break at a Park Service cabin in the forest, then follow Dailey Creek through a large meadow back to the trailhead. Hiking distance of this in-and-out trip is approximately 9 miles total, with virtually unlimited day hiking. There is also the option to hike out the shorter Blacktail Creek trail on the last day and shuttle the vehicles. There is a good chance you may hear wolves howling. Moose, deer, elk and bears also frequent this area and it is a very good trip for animal viewing.

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Northwest Corner: Fan Creek

This excellent three–day trip begins at the Fawn Pass Trailhead. We follow the trail for 6 miles through beautiful meadows with rolling hills to the Fan Creek crossing and then along Fan Creek on a high trail with fabulous views to our camp where we will stay for 2 nights. This camp has privacy away from the main trail, a small creek and a nice meadow for the llamas. This camp location gives us access to wonderful day hikes, such as the 10 mile hike to Sportsman Lake or a shorter version to a ridge with great views. There is also the option to stay in camp and enjoy a peaceful day in quiet contemplation with nature. Deer, elk, moose and sometimes bears and wolves travel through the countryside nearby. Hike out back to the trailhead on day 3. Total mileage: from 12 to 22 miles.

Note: This trek requires several creek crossings, so you should come prepared with an additional pair of shoes or sandals designated for this purpose.

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North Region: Black Canyon of the Yellowstone

In the early summer and fall, we suggest the Black Canyon trek. This is a three-day trip. We will cross large open meadows and then descend into the canyon, cross a bridge and hike along the rushing Yellowstone River. Our comfortable and large campsite is right along the river in a beautiful location. This area is considered to have some of the best trout fishing in the U.S. We will spend two nights here to allow for the opportunity of several nice day hikes along the river, including a trip to Knowles Falls. This is a great trip for families and those wanting to get a taste of fly fishing in Yellowstone.

Total mileage: approximately 10 to 14.

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North Region: Slough Creek

Slough Creek is located on Yellowstone’s Northern Range in a very good wildlife area. In addition, our trail is actually an old historic “road” that is still used with horse and wagon to supply a backcountry ranch. Slough Creek Trail winds through gorgeous landscapes with majestic mountain scenery. We encounter a rise in the beginning giving us just the right amount of exercise. We then travel through “First and Second Meadow,” have a picnic near the trail and then turn to our campsite right on the river! We like to use this area for a 3-day trek. The camp is located next to the river and is suitable for families. There are opportunities to enjoy the river, the rocks around camp and the trails for a day hike on the middle day. However, if you like to fish, this is the perfect place! We sometimes see bears in this area and there is a good chance to hear wolves howl! The campsite is spacious with good tent sites and meadow for llamas, and a nice cooking area with a fire ring.

Total mileage: approx. 9 to 15 miles. **We have not used this trail and camp lately because of bison issues**

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Northeast Region: Cache Creek/Lamar River Trail

Lamar River Trail to Cache Creek is a very pleasant hike through open country with lots of wildlife viewing opportunities. Part of the area we will be hiking through is populated by big bison herds. Beautiful mountain scenery surrounds the area. We have great views of Lamar Valley, Specimen Ridge and Mirror Plateau. We basically follow the Lamar River drainage. Cache Creek campsite is a very pleasant place right on Cache Creek with trees for shade and a meadow for the llamas. We often get to see a moose right near camp, making the llamas a little jumpy! Great day hiking opportunities for all levels right from camp. This is a 3-day trek. **We have not used this trail and camp lately due to bison issues**

Total mileage: approx. 6 to 16 miles.

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Northeast Corner: Pebble Creek Trail

This trail is a recent favorite and great for a fall trek. The trailhead is located at Warm Spring in the far Northeast corner of Yellowstone. After a steep ascent (we take it slow!), we arrive in a remote high valley traversed by Pebble Creek and surrounded by dramatic mountain faces. While the approach to our campsite is relatively short (3.5 miles), this location provides us with excellent access for our day hike on day 2. One option is to ascend to the top of Bliss Pass with breathtaking views. Another is to continue down the trail along Pebble Creek with a few crossings and wildlife viewing opportunities. The campsite is set off from the main trail in an open meadow with unhindered views of the gorgeous scenery. This area is certainly wolf and bear country with a chance to hear wolves howl at dawn or dusk. This is a 3-day/2-night trek.

Mileage: 7-17 miles

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